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At VacuPack, we offer many food saver system options for residential and commercial clients.

Sammic Vacuum Packaging Machines, Chamber units made in Spain, for Industrial use all NSF,ETL, SA, Approved for commerical applications. Vacuum Sealing units with Gas Flush, Modified Atomospher, using Air barrier bags, the best design for the Foodservice Industry.


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  1. Sammic 204T Vacuum Sealer

    Sammic SV-204T


    Sammic SV-204T SousVide and Retort Ready. Learn More
  2. 420T

    Sammic SV-420T


    Sammic SV-420T Industrial Chamber Vacuum Sealer Packer

    Learn More
  3. Sammic 420S

    Sammic SV-420S


    Sammic SV-420S Industrial Chamber Vacuum Sealer Packer

    Learn More
  4. Sammic 520S

    Sammic SV-520T


    SAMMIC: Vacuum Packing Machine SV-520T Food Industry Approved NSF

    Learn More
  5. Sammic 520S

    Sammic SV-520S


    SAMMIC: Vacuum Packing Machine SV-520S Food Industry Approved

    Learn More
  6. Sammic SV-606T

    Sammic SV-606T


    SAMMIC: Vacuum Packing Machine SV-606T High Volume Industrial Packager

    Learn More
  7. Sammic 606S

    Sammic SV-606S


    SAMMIC: Vacuum Packing Machine SV-606S Industrial Chamber Vacuum Sealer

    Learn More
  8. Sammic 810T

    Sammic SV-810T


    SAMMIC: Vacuum Packing SV-810T Industrial Volume Machine

    Learn More
  9. Sammic 810S

    Sammic SV-810S


    SAMMIC: Vacuum Packing Machine SV-810S Industrial Production

    Learn More


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