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At VacuPack, we offer many food saver system options for residential and commercial clients.

VacMaster Vacstrip Mesh Fiber Bags for home style vacuum sealers. The mesh strip fiber acts as a textured to allow the air to be drawn out of the bag for suction style vacuum packers. 3 Mil FDA approved, BPA Free, a good quality air barrier food saver bag for storage and sealing foods and collectables. Made in China.


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  1. Vacstrip VacMaster 8"x50' Roll Bag Material

    8"x50' Full Mesh Fiber 2.5 Mil Bulk Roll


    8"x50' Full Mesh VacMaster Vacuum Sealer 2.5 Mil Bulk Roll 8"x50' Learn More
  2. VacStrip Mesh Fiber Bulk Roll

    11.5"x50' Full Mesh 2.5 Mil Bulk Roll


    11.5"x50' Full Mesh Fiber 2.5 Mil Bulk Roll from VacMaster Learn More
  3. VacStrip 8x12 Textured

    100 ct VacStrip 8" x 11.5" (20cm x 30cm)


    100 CT 8"x11.5" Quart VacStrip Bags (20cm x 30cm) by VacMaster

    Learn More
  4. /

    100 ct VacStrip 10" x 15" (25cm x 35cm)


    100 CT 10"x15" Gallon VacStrip Bags (25cm x 35cm) by VacMaster

    Learn More


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