Roll 24ct 11.75" x 20' SousVide Bags

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Roll 11.75"x20' 24ct 2 cases of 12 rolls each. Vacuum Material SousVide Quality 3.5 ml

 Roll 11.75" x 20' Vacuum Pouches Sous Vide Textured Bags. For use in home style vacuum sealers.

This is our Premium Bag Material.  Made to hold up and withstand extremely hot water while not allowing water seepage into the bag. This bag material built in Italy is a SousVide cooking (boil in a bag) material, is also superior for any other vacuum packing projects.  We have found the higher nylon and lower poly content in this bag material makes it less prone to puncture and loose vacuum in the cupboard, fridge and freezer. 

Count 24 Rolls 2 Cases of Premium Bag Material 11.75" x 20' 3.5 ml

*Pictured is 1 case of 12 rolls*

This is a premium textured material for suction style units, made in Italy.

 We have flat, SousVide boilable pouches for chamber units under "Commercial Bags and Pouches"

What does Sous Vide mean?  Sous Vide simply means a process of slow cooking under vacuum in a water bath. The vacuum packed food becomes very tender and infusion with flavor in an almost boiling water for extended times.  For a simple understanding would be the old "boil in a bag" terminology.  The reason a SousVide boil-able quality bag is so important is water seepage will destroy the food in the bag.  A high poly bag typical vacuum sealer bags will deteriorate in long term boil or almost boil temperatures. These SousVide quality bags are our premium bag material. Not only are they superior for regular vacuum packing of all products including freezing and long term storage, but they can withstand the hot water bath aspect of Sous Vide Cooking.

 These bags are built in Italy where SousVide cooking is extremely popular. Some what new to the USA, SousVide cooking is exciting for home chefs as well as professionals and the popularity is growing extremely fast.

Don't trust any vacuum sealer bag use only these SousVide bags designed for boil in a bag temperatures. The SousVide bags are the best quality bag we carry for any vacuum packing purpose.  If you don't cook in vacuum bags you will enjoy the superior puncture resistance of the Italian built bags.

This bag will work very well with any home style vacuum sealer such as a VacUpack, a VacUpack Elite and a Weston Units, VacMaster or Minipack, Foodsaver, Rival and other brands.


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