Minipack MVS-52X

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MiniPack MVS-52X Chamber Vacuum Packer Machine 

MiniPack MVS-52X


The Minipack MVS-52XP features the new design from Minipack, a 115 volt chamber vacuum sealer, with two seal bars each 21" long. Seal bars are located on the left and right sides of the chamber machine. This kryovac unit is built for Industrial applications with a printer for FDA date coding for retail sales. A popular food processor used in meat packing plants, fish packaging or any resale application where vacuum packing foods is needed to extend shelf life.


Made from 1st grade stainless steel that will not pit or rust, this unit is equipped with a liquid crystal display and up to 100 customizable programs.


The electronic soft air feature allows the air back into the chamber slowly to gently lay the plastic on the product. This wonderful feature keeps products from distorting and changing shape, the end product has the look of professional vacuum sealing. With several return air speed levels, you choose how fast the air re-enters the chamber.


The MVS-52XP uses electronic vacuum sensors to determine the vacuum pressure.

The removable aluminum seal bars, for easy cleaning.

This machine has ETL/CE/ETL SANITATION certification.

Seal bar configured in one of 3 different ways:


  • 1. Factory standard is one 4mm wide seal plus a hot cut-off wire (enables tear off of excess bag); This option is used for retail applications.
  • 2. Option two:  Two 4mm flat wide parallel seals (no cut-off);
  • 3. Option three is one 6mm wide seal plus a hot cut-off wire.
  • 4. Option four is retort ready heat bar. This configuration does not have a cut off wire.  This option has 2 seal wires that will seal any bag or thickness of bag material available, including retort 7 mil, mylar 2-3-4-5 mil, also flat pouches 3-4-or 5 mil plus. If you are not needing a cut off wire for retail applications we suggest you upgrade to the retort ready heat sealing and be prepared for any vacuum packing project you may encounter.  
  •  Each seal bar is powered independently using a dedicated transformer. Top and bottom sealing is a special order option on most MVS chamber machines for sealing. Give us a call for special order items. 1-800-227-3769


  • 2 Seal Bars: 21" Position of Seal Bars: left & right Chamber Size: 20" x 21"
  • Height (Chamber+Dome Lid=Total: 3.5"+3"=6.5"
  • Distance Between Seal Bars: 16"
  • Working Height: 35"
  • Optional Printer: For traceable packages
  • Size: 25"W x 31"D x 52.5"/38.75"H (lid open/closed)
  • Vacuum Pump: Busch 20m3/H @ 115 Volt/60/1 phase 1 HP, 18 Amps
  • Net Weight: 295 lb.


  • Digital Controls w/ 100 programs
  • Liquid Crystal Display
  • Transparent Lid
  • Electronic Vacuum Sensor
  • Electronic Soft Air
  • 4mm Seal w/ cut-off
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Removable Seal Bars

Shipping Weight 345 pounds

Custom order required. Please call Thom Dolder at 1-800-227-3769 or email


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