Sammic SV-520T

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SAMMIC: Vacuum Packing Machine SV-520T Food Industry Approved NSF

SAMMIC: The Right Choice

Vacuum Packing Machine SV-520T  Industrial Sealer

Accurate and precise timmed cycle. =T

Accurate and precise sensor cycle = S

Electrical Supply - Power 120/60/Hz/1-


Look where Sammic exceeds the competition from the start.


The largest and best quality pump in any unit of it's size on the market today.

Vacuum Pump: 20 m3/h Double Sealing

Usable Sealing Bar Length: 16.15 (414 mm)

Loading: 750W

Vacuum Pressure (Maximum): 2 mbar/chamber

Dimensions: 22 W x 17 D x 7 H Internal

Dimensions: 25 W x 19 D x 18 H External

Net Weight: 175 lbs. (80 Kg)

Electrical Supply: 120V / 60 Hz / 1 ph

NSF, UL, HACCP Approved

Improves the durability of cooked or raw food, with no loss of weight.

 All functions are controlled by an easy to program Vacuum Controlled By Sensor

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One of the most frequently asked questions,  "which vacuum sealer seals liquid"?  All chamber style vacuum sealer where the bag is placed inside a chamber will seal a bag filled with liquid and not have the liquid removed from the bag.  The reason for this is the atmospheric pressure is being removed from the chamber and not placing pressure on the bag or on the liquid.  With the suction style vacuum sealers atmospheric pressure is pressing on the outside of the bag pushing the liquid with the air removal. 

 This unit easily seals liquid.


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