11.5"x50' Full Mesh 2.5 Mil Bulk Roll

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11x50Full mesh

11.5"x50' Full Mesh Fiber 2.5 Mil Bulk Roll from VacMaster

Vacstrip by VacMaster Full Mesh Bulk Roll.

VacStrip full mesh micro layered vacuum rolls.

1 roll - 11" x 50ft

These FDA Approved 2.5 mil mesh lined 3/layer mesh Vacuum Sealer rolls work with:

Home style Vacuum Packers such as VacUpack Foodsaver or Pro2300 also guaranteed to work in Retail Store Home style vacuum sealers such as FoodSaver? - Rival, Kenmore - Black & Decker Deni - Mini Vac - Magic Vac,VacMasters

Many customers agree these rolls work better than the name brand bags or rolls with a their machine, and SEAL BETTER.

Manufactures description:

Mesh rolls are designed to be used on virtually all external clamp style vacuum sealing machines. These new, innovative bags have a layer of polyethylene mesh sealed into the entire width and length of the bag which is specially designed to be a channel that draws the air out of the bag. Put sharper corners of bone and fish pin bones against this layer it acts as a 'Bone Guard and helps to prevent puncturing the bag! Rolls allow you to make your own bags any length.These bags are designed to be used for fish, meat, game, protect collectibles, pack clothing to save room.

With any home style vacuum sealer using these bags, keeps food fresh up to five times longer than conventional storage methods!!

Protect from freezer burn!! Food will taste fresher!!

Vacuum Seal your items for Storage or and protection from oxygen. The clear Material allows you to easily identify your items. The mesh layer acts as a bone guard. Trim rolls to size and custom seal to fit your needs. Can be boiled briefly in water for thawing & cooking Microwaveable FDA Approved, for home style vacuum sealers/packers.


Made in China


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