100 ct VacStrip 8" x 11.5" (20cm x 30cm)

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VM-8x12-100 (20cm x 30cm)

100 CT 8"x11.5" Quart VacStrip Bags (20cm x 30cm) by VacMaster

VacStrip Bags Quart 100 count 8" x 11.5" 2.5 mil (20cm x 30cm)


These vacuum sealer bags are different from the old style textured bags.  The bags are flat with a strip of mesh on the inside the bag. The mesh vacstrip is what allows the air to be drawn out of the bag and can act as a pad to prevent punctures.


VacMasters patented design has proven to be a great bag material for a wide range of home style vacuum sealers.  We have had great compliments from all brands such as VacUpack and MiniPack of course VacMaster home style units. Also Foodsaver,  Weston Pro2300 and Pro2100 as well as Deni, Rival and Seal-A-Meal, Kenmore and others.  We are so sure these bags will work in all home style vacuum sealers we guarantee them with a money back guarantee.  


The 2.5 mil layer is a great all around material for regular use.  Built in China they offer a lower price point great for quick use and regular disposal which makes them a favorite for heavy users for short term storage.  


Give them a try they are easy to use, clear plastic. BPA Free and FDA approved for food use in home style vacuum sealers.  

 This video explains the differences between Flat Chamber bags and Textured bags.  Watch the videoall the way through it is a bit pieced together.  





If you find you have issues with bags loosing their vacuum we have found a paper bag inside the vacuum seal bags helps tremendously.  Also flour, coco, and other dry dusty foods are much easier to vacuum pack and stay packed when paper bags are used.  The next video demonstrates this process. By Thom Dolder




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